New Studio And New Options
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This month was an exciting time and a big step forward for me and my photography business in Tunbridge Wells, as I finally got the keys to a new studio space.

It’s been a long time coming and I’m hoping this is just a stepping stone towards bigger and better things for my business, but I’m excited to be able to offer more than just location work now.

I’m more than used to shooting on location with clients and it’s still a big part of my daily work, but now with my own space available I am hoping to provide clients more options for product and portrait photography that can’t be done on site.

So if you’re in Tunbridge Wells and the South East and feel your business is in need of professional product work but you don’t have the space to shoot.

Or if you’re in need of a headshot or promotional portrait to assist your profile and but it can’t be shot in your office, please feel free to get in touch to see how I can help. I look forward to continued location work, but to also making this space work for my business and for future client projects.

Australian Adventure
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​Just last month I returned from a 3 week escape to Australia. Spending my very first Christmas and New Year in warmer climates and away from the ever traditional U.K Holidays. Its been a long term goal of mine to experience a Christmas on the beach, sipping cold beers and avoiding re-runs of Only Fools & Horses! So in the new year of 2016, I booked my flight for December….

It was a wonderful 3 weeks, spent with friends, relaxing and being shown some of the beautiful outdoors Queensland had to offer. Beach after beach, experiencing the bush and constant BBQing this place never disappointed and with the amazing outdoor life on offer, you can see why so many people flock to live down under. Undecided on what camera to take away, I opted for the Leica Q, the Nikon DF with a super new 14-24mm wide angle lens and of course the trusty iPhone! Playing with B&W and various post filters, below are just a few images taken during the trip…