Could Your Headshot Be Losing You Work
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If you are serious about your online profile, then chances are you will have a headshot or business portrait to accompany it. But what if that shot is out of date? Unfortunately, our profile pictures do not always age well and an image that may have helped you get that position or deal some time ago may not be doing you the same favours anymore.

Your picture will play an important part towards your personal brand, whether it’s your social media, a website or your LinkedIn profile, and if you don’t have a professional or up to date image, you could just be missing out on that all-important business opportunity. An out of date or amateur picture can imply you are behind the times and lacking innovation. Everybody changes. Faces, hairstyles, clothes and even photography styles alter over time.

Personally, I would always recommend updating a headshot at least every 2-3 years or after any personal alterations, just to keep up with those changes. I have seen many a LinkedIn profile picture, either taken as a smartphone selfie, a holiday picture taken in poor light, or an image cropped to within an inch of its quality of life! It’s important for professionals to think seriously about how they are perceived on a business level by getting a professional headshot or business portrait done by an experienced photographer.

Think about how you want to be portrayed and discuss it with a photographer. Maybe you’re after something serious, with a solid background? Or perhaps a little more relaxed and taken at your place of work, incorporating your business surroundings.

So leave the smartphone on the table and put the selfie stick away, because a professional photographer will know what they are doing, show you in the best light, direct you, and help get your best side.

New Year. New Start. New Headshot? Let a professional help you.

Profoto’s B1 Kit, My Perfect Solution
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For the last year I’ve been looking at and researching into a compact, but powerful, lighting kit that would enable me to shoot portraits, cable free, on location with only battery power to worry about. After much deliberation I decided to opt for the Profoto B1 Air TTL location kit. The kit included a pair of B1 heads with internal batteries, along with both a mains and car charger and a padded carry-bag.

I can honestly say these 500w heads are everything I’d hoped they’d be, portable, powerful, reliable and very straight forward to use. They offer TTL and High Speed Sync (HSS) options along with an air remote device, which once attached to your cameras hot shoe, allows the device to integrate the Profoto heads with your camera. Each head is powered by its own battery which will give you over 200 flashes at full power, more than I’ve needed to date, however I will be buying more spare batteries simply to keep some charged during a shoot.

At the time of purchase Profoto were also throwing in a free collapsible beauty dish, which is a great piece of kit to use, especially with portraits. I decided to buy a umbrella diffuser to use alongside an existing interfit umbrella in my current kit, and I soon found I was good to go on my first portrait job with them.

To date I’ve shot 4-5 portraits jobs using these heads and I really can’t fault them, they’re amazing. Below are a couple of images taken from some recent portrait jobs with the B1’s. I’m still tinkering with the HSS, but I can already see how this will become a great feature to create some interesting effects. I’m looking forward to playing more and more with these lights and posting more work taken with them.