Product Location Photography
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Last month I got to work with a great local lighting company called Obe & Co design.

With their studio and workshop based in Kent, they design and make their own range of distinctive products.

The aim of the project was to not only to shoot the products as clean cut outs, but to also build and recreate simple, stylish room sets in which we could show case the Obe & Co products in their natural surrounding and to their best ability.

After setting up camp at the clients workshop for two days, the shoot went really well, combining my flash lighting along with the products own ambient light, we managed to recreate some clean and stylish room set shots, even incorporating a few set changes.

Below are just a few shots from the day.

With a lot of preplanning and organisation it’s amazing what you can achieve on location shoots.

You can find out more about Obe & Co Design here.

If You Believe In Your Product, It’s Probably Time To Consider Professional Photography
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Nowadays most businesses have an online presence and I’m a firm believer that your website is your company’s front door. So with this in mind the photography that you use to show case your work or products can be just as important (if not more so) than the content you use throughout your site. If you are proud of your brand and the products you are promoting, then I cannot stress how much difference it will make having professional photography of your work. With most of us buying online these days, it is after all your business portfolio. If you are showcasing your product online, the photography has to represent accuracy.

I really was happy to have my photographic services recommended to Stitch London, to help bring their business imagery up to the standard it deserved. Stitch London are a company providing quality men and women’s gifts for the home, office or travel. Each product is beautifully created in a wide colour range, with a bespoke service on offer too, so It was important for me to capture each products textures, colours and it’s function, correctly.

So if you are serious about your online business and you want to stand out from the rest, you may want to consider investing in professional photography over home produced, or amateur, pictures. Done correctly there really is no comparison.

Their website is gradually being updated, but I was proud to help them on their way with their first batch of professional photographs. You can see just a few examples below and find more of their wonderful products here: