Planning And Creating A Promotional Video
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Last month I was approached by one of my jewellery clients who wanted to have a promotional video made, helping to showcase her business and brand. Rebecca Mundy is a local jewellery designer, based in Sevenoaks, Kent with experience in designing and making handcrafted jewellery for clients. As a local business, she was keen for some marketing content to use on her social channels and in turn something to help showcase the work involved in creating such beautiful designs. Realising the potential video marketing now has we arranged a meeting and began discussing a few ideas of what we both had in mind and how we could plan out the process ahead. Rebecca was at the time about to start work on a beautiful diamond and white gold ring for one of her clients, so we decided it would be a perfect piece to work a promotional video around, but because such designs can often take weeks to make from start to finish, we obviously had to plan the shoot in a few stages, capturing the ring in each phase, from its design through to the final polished product.

With a storyboard in place, I initially spent half a day at Rebecca’s studio filming various clips, concentrating on the various stages and process we thought would help tell a story. Rebecca’s studio has a lovely huge window, which floods the studio with natural light, so we used this to our advantage, however, I took along additional lights to help, then set up the camera and began filming her at work.
After moving around to capture the various angles and stages, I finally had my collection of clips, and I went away to spend a few days editing everything I had together, also adding music and motion graphics. The one part I was keen to add at a later date was some 360 feature footage of the final ring. So once the ring was all complete a few weeks later, I spent the morning in my studio lighting and shooting the finished ring with some 360 clips. I wanted to showcase the ring finished and help give the video a dynamic visual of the finished work, so 360 clips were ideal for this.
I ended up creating a video of no more than two minutes, for use on Facebook and YouTube, however, Rebecca also requested a video for use on Instagram too, so this was built into the job and a shorter 60 second square video was also created.

A promo video can be of huge benefit for you and your business and if you aren’t creating video you are likely falling behind your competitors who are. With some thought and a storyboard in place, I can help you achieve content specially created for your audience which will ultimately help you showcase your brand in a world of video marketing.

Please click the image below to view Rebeccas full finished video and if you are interested in creating something similar for your business, please feel free to get in touch.
You can find more information on Rebecca Mundy’s work via this link :