What Is Commercial Photography?

What is commercial photography?

When you hear the words a commercial photographer, what do you picture? For some people, this can mean product photography, jewellery photography or fashion photography. For others, however, commercial photography can be more along the lines of branding, advertising and photographing people for commercial purposes. Commercial photography is a branch of photography that is primarily concerned with selling products or services. Unlike other forms of photography, commercial photography is usually less about art and more about persuasion. As such, commercial photographers often work closely with advertising agencies or design agencies, to produce images that are designed to sell a particular product or service for their clients. In many cases, commercial photography is also used to generate awareness for a cause or an event. For example, a commercial photographer might be hired to take pictures of a new product in order to generate interest in it. Or, a commercial photographer might be asked to take pictures of an event in order to increase awareness.

Quite simply, commercial photography is somewhat of an umbrella term that involves photographing something or someone in order to advertise the brand, product or person.

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Meaning so many different things to so many people can make it confusing, but we want to keep it simple so you can get an understanding of what option is best for you. If you need to hire a commercial photographer, here are some tips on what to look out for:

  • Experience - a commercial photographer with experience will be able to have a true understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. A great place to start is by looking through their portfolio to ensure they have a variety of styles of work. Better yet, it’s important that the commercial photographer can be flexible to suit your needs, and this can also be reflected in their previous work. A good photographer will be able to work to a client brief, and follow the guidelines stringently or sometimes make suggestions to improve the final results if needed too. There may be some pre-shoot planning where props might have to be sourced for the project, again an experienced commercial photographer will know how to organise this for the client. Communication is key and talking with your photographer before any shoot will ultimately help the shoot go smoothly.

  • Focus on the details- another great quality to look out for in a commercial photographer is their attention to detail. By taking the time to fully understand the brief, they should be able to keep the focus on the smaller details alongside the big picture so your photographs are a complete success. Additionally, a good commercial photographer will be attentive to the details in their final images, ensuring that your images are of high quality and accurately reflect your brand. Working within an agreed time scale with the client and ensuring there is great communication throughout any project.

  • Versatility- any commercial photographer worth their salt will be able to work with just about anything that is asked of them. Whether you need to arrange a product photo shoot, some fashion photography or you need to market a particular person or brand, the photographer needs to understand the goal and be able to offer flexible solutions in order to meet the brief. A commercial photographer must be versatile in order to be successful at this. They need to be able to work with a variety of different subjects and be able to adjust to the customer's needs. This makes them an invaluable asset for businesses and organizations who need quality photography content.

  • Creativity- the last one on the list is all about finding a commercial photographer who can be creative. Commercial photographers need to be creative in order to capture the right shot and tell a story. Whilst it’s important to fully understand your goals, it’s the role of the commercial photographer to tell a story with the pictures so you can reach the right audience and ultimately produce work that will encourage sales. This may include working with different props or finding new and interesting locations to shoot in. It's important to find a photographer who can understand your goals and create images that resonate with your target audience.

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Commercial photography is all about capturing the essence of a company and its products. Whether you’re looking to create an advertising campaign or just update your brand's promotion, I can easily help you capture the perfect images to represent your business in the best light.

If you’re interested in learning more about my commercial photography services, please get in touch – I'd be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a quote for any services. To learn more about my commercial photography services in Tunbridge Wells, so get in touch today!