Creating Video For Local Businesses In Tunbridge Wells

Video is strong becoming the most popular way to market your business, services or products and target your audience more successfully. If you aren't creating video for your business you will risk missing out on one of the most popular ways people consume content.

At the start of last year, I began talks with local Tunbridge Wells and Southborough business Hardman & Hemming, a bespoke tailors, who were keen to use the advantage of video for business and create a short insight to their business services. Here's how we went about it...

Plan Of Action

One of the most important steps in the process of video marketing is to create a plan and get organised before any shooting even begins. So we booked an appointment for me to visit Hardman and Hemmings shop in Southborough high street and have a chat about ideas and the content we both felt would be important to include. This was important in me understanding how a high street business in Tunbridge Wells operates as a local business and helps give me an idea of the areas of service we wanted to highlight for their customers. After a good discussion, I came away with plenty of ideas and notes from which to create a suitable storyboard, making sure I take on board the clients areas of importance. We decided the video should include shots of the owner Stuart Hardman at work, with included interior and exterior views of the shop. These clips would then run alongside a talking head style interview, giving Stuart the chance to explain a little more about the business and how they work.

Creating An Interview

Before we began filming the interview it was important to create a list of questions and topics we both felt important to discuss, in order for Hardman and Hemming to cover the services and products they offer. Once I'd drafted up the questions I thought would work well I emailed them across to the client, giving Stuart a chance to read through them and make any adjustments he felt necessary before the actual day of record.

When trying to plan for the interview, we ended up having to postpone the date because unfortunately builders had just moved in next door to Hardman and Hemmings shop and started construction work and the noise was simply too loud. Unfortunately, drilling and banging doesn't agree with audio levels so it took some time before we could finally get a slot when the builders weren't working, but finally, we got a day and spent the morning avidly recording and working through the questions.

The Shoot

Due to diary timings and builders, the filming of the shop and footage of Stuart at work had to be done on a separate day to the interview. This can often be of benefit, simply to maintain keeping the client fresh to shoot, rather than an all day filming. Finally, our diaries synched and we were able to block out a half day of which we spent the time filming in the shop, capturing environmental shots of Stuart working and providing a behind the scenes insight as to how he worked and the steps involved with creating such incredible garments. We also managed to get shots of the shops exterior along with the interior, helping to connect the viewer who may never have visited the location before. After several hours of filming, combined with the interview footage, I now had all my content ready to edit.

The Edit

Many assume most of the work is done on the day of record, but as mentioned there are really three main stages to the whole video process, the pre-production, the shoot, and then the post-production. Depending on what is required and the type of video created will depend on the editing time involved, but to work through hours of footage, sync any audio, search for music tracks, colour grading and adding graphics, can all take time to complete and finalise. So the editing time has to be factored into the whole work process, and after a few hours of editing, Hardman & Hemmings business promo video was complete.

The Result

Once a 2-3 minute video for a small business is created, it will enable the client to start marketing their services or product by sharing the video in anything from email marketing, social media updates or even helping to improve their website traffic. Such marketing can even help the business attract new visitors by building awareness for up and coming events or promotions. Video is now here to stay, so it may be time to embrace it into your own marketing and discover the creative ways it can help increase revenue and help get you ahead of the competition.

Below you can view the final video created for Hardman and Hemming Bespoke Tailors.