Should You Be Using Video For Business?

Absolutely! Video has never been more important to include in your business marketing than ever because simply put, it will help provide important advantages that written content won't. It is predicted that within the next year online video will be the drive behind 80% of consumer internet traffic and this will only continue to grow as consumers continue to shop more frequently from home now.

Keeping your potential customers engaged and keeping you well ahead of the completion video has too many benefits to mention, but here are just 5 reasons why you should be making it part of your business sooner rather than later.

1. Video Leads To Sales

The last few years has seen a huge surge in the popularity of video as a content marketing format. You will hopefully appreciate how much professional images can boost engagement and showcase quality, but take the time to consider just how much moving imagery and eye catching footage can capture your audience. Viewers are up to 85% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video. So clearly it's a platform that you can't afford to ignore.

Google Loves Video Content

2. Google Loves Video

With YouTube being one of the biggest search engines and the fact that it’s owned by Google, by having video on your website via the YouTube platform, you are already increasing your page rankings on Google. Video also increases the time your audience stays on your page, which is another important factor towards your websites SEO. If you produce good content people will naturally click through your site to consume more which will ultimately boost your SEO.

3. Video Builds Trust

Customer trust ultimately leads to conversions and sales. The foundations of marketing is based upon trust, and this is where video content can help you. Video can create engagement and spark emotion, with some customers dubious about buying products and services online, video marketing can provide confidence when a product is presented in a conversational form. Combine this with a company director talking to camera or a brand ambassadors voice and personality explaining their service or product, video provides a trusting platform for consumers.

4. Social Media Favours Video

From Facebook and Instagram, Twitter to LinkedIn, they all favour video content. Video will rise to the top of these platform feeds therefore getting in front of a wider audience. Audiences will more than likely stop scrolling for an eye catching video and audiences have said they’d be more likely to share video content ahead of any type content, so naturally this will ultimately help you get discovered. Building in video to your social posts drives higher engagement and interactions

5. Personify Your Business

Videos are a great way to show your followers the people and process behind the business, which contributes to a brands transparency. Customers want to understand who they are potentially going to do business with so video is a great way to humanise a company. Behind the scenes or talking head explanation videos can really help the audience see inside the brand, especially if it is kept entertaining and diverse.

Video is certainly not going anywhere and will only continue to grow. So if you are not already using video, you should be. It is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience in this digital age, especially on mobile and social platforms.