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Long gone are the days of business cards or word of mouth when you need to spread brand awareness. In this day and age, people want to see you active and engaging on social media- and we don’t just mean the odd LinkedIn or Facebook post here and there!

Instead, it’s all about being as visible and consistent as you can, and with more people buying online than ever before, it’s wise to invest in something such as a promotional video for your business. In doing so, you’re being open and honest with your audience whilst creating a connection that you simply don’t get with any other method.

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Not only is it a great way to connect with customers and create a personal connection with them, but there are also a number of other advantages that video can offer businesses

In today's competitive market, it's more important than ever to find ways to make your business stand out, so video is a great way to do this. A marketing or promotional video can allow you the chance to show off your personality and really grow trust with potential customers in a way that other marketing mediums don't allow.

Types of Video content marketing include:

  • Video interviews
  • Product demos and explainer videos
  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Tutorials (explainer videos)
  • Customers testimonials
  • Interior and workspace footage
  • Video Ads
  • Recording of live streams
  • Teaser Videos and promotions

You can find some examples of various video uses for business here

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So, what are the top 5 reasons you should have a promotional video for your business?

Stand out from your competitors- take your time to investigate what your competitors are doing. How active are they on social media? Do they have a video on their website? Whether they do or not, you can give yourself the edge when you invest in a promotional video. Whether it’s 30 seconds, a minute long or you want to do a series of videos that breaks down your services, you could give yourself a head start with engaging and interesting videos that sell your brand.

Improve your SEO- Videos are quickly becoming a great way to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Google and social media love video, and it now getting prioritised over still images. It’s believed that when Google shows a video thumbnail next to a search result, users are more likely to click that listing. What’s more, it can make for far better user engagement when you display a video on your website, meaning a visitor is far more likely to click around and want to learn more.

Humanise your brand- we all like to put a face to a name, don’t we? And that’s exactly what a video can do for your brand. We all strive for human connection, and by seeing your face, your office or your workspace, it creates a more human feel that customers are more likely to engage with. Video provides a unique opportunity for customers to connect with the people behind your business. In today's fast-paced world, it can be difficult to create meaningful connections with customers. But video provides a way to bridge that gap by allowing customers to see the faces, hear the voices and get to know the personality of the people who make your business run. When customers feel like they know the people behind your business, they are more likely to trust your company and become loyal customers.

Keeps viewers’ attention- in the modern world of social media, our attention span is admittedly somewhat short. No one wants to read through pages and pages of content, but instead, we prefer to know information in short bursts. Keep your video snappy, engaging and informative and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards. By combining audio, visuals, and movement, video is able to capture and hold people's attention in a way that text simply cannot. In addition, video is also more flexible than text, allowing for a variety of formats and styles. Whether it's a short clip or a longer documentary, video has the ability to tell stories in a way that is both interesting and compelling. For these reasons, video is an incredibly powerful tool for communication and should be used whenever possible.

Videos are easy to share- we all know how easy it is to share a video, so imagine how quickly your brand could be spread when someone likes and shares your video. In today's world, it's more important than ever to be able to reach a wide audience with your message. And one of the best ways to do that is through video. With video, you can connect with people all over the world, in real-time or through social media. You can also use video to share your message with people who might not otherwise have access to it.

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