Behind the Scenes of my Latest Jewellery & Model Shoot: How I Created Stunning Images

When creating a jewellery shoot, the goal is always to capture the beauty and allure of the jewellery pieces in the most stunning way possible, showcasing the gems, shapes and colours of each piece. Done correctly, jewellery shoots are an effective way to showcase any created design and brand beautifully. Having worked on many jewellery projects over the years most of the shoots are created with a simple background look and or perhaps a styled arrangement, which all have a place in marketing. However, Rebecca Mundy, my jewellery client based in Sevenoaks, Kent, asked if on this occasion we could incorporate the use of a model with her new collection, as she had a specific vision in mind. Rebecca wanted the images captured for this project to show off not only her beautiful pieces of jewellery but also to allow the use of a model to create a sense of luxury and elegance, whilst allowing the viewer to imagine how it would look on them and therefore adding a personal connection.

Model & Jewellery Photography Tunbridge Wells, Kent

On this shoot, we had 8 various designs we wanted to incorporate with our model wearing. Mixing up a few groupings and outfits we created some stunning images with our wonderful model Cassia Rose in the studio.

Jewellery And Model Photography Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Photographing jewellery on a model can be both challenging and rewarding. On the one hand, jewellery is often quite small and intricate, so it makes the placing of the items important to capture all the details in a single image. Jewellery can also be very reflective, so lighting a model and jewellery at the same time, can prove a challenge. Not to mention making sure the model's hair or the clothing worn is not obstructing any of the jewellery design. It's often helpful to have a hair and make-up artist on set to help too. As a result, photographing jewellery with a moving model requires both a careful eye and attention to detail. But done with experience, the results can be truly stunning.

We kept away from using any props on this particular shoot, mainly to avoid distracting from the jewellery, along with keeping the background and choice of clothes simple.

When it comes to jewellery photography, the process of choosing the final images can be just as important as the actual shoot itself. This is because the jewellery is the star of the show, and every detail needs to be perfect in order to make a strong impression on the viewer. I typically start by sitting down after the shoot and reviewing all of the photos with my client, in order to get their input on which shots they prefer. This can take a bit of time as there are often many images to go through after the session, but from there, I narrow down the selection to our personal favourites, until we have a respectable amount of images and everyone is happy, then edit them accordingly.

In terms of post-processing, it generally involves some skin retouch, removing of unwanted blemishes and distractions to the skin, along with some colour correction and tweaks across the images, in order to enhance the overall appearance of the jewellery. By taking these steps, I can ensure that the final images are truly representative of the amazing jewellery that we had to work with.

Behind The Scenes Of A Jewellery Shoot, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

You can also see Rebecca's beautiful work here, and I have even created a previous promo video of what actually goes into creating such wonderful work, which you can see here!

If you're in need of some beautiful jewellery photography or a similar promotional video, I'd love to help. With plenty of experience working with jewellers and designers and photographing their collections. Contact me today to book your session!