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Invest in a professional headshot photographer and reap the rewards!

Let’s face it, we all know how important it is to make a good first impression to potential employers or clients. From the moment they see your picture on LinkedIn or your website, a judgment is often made- and that can make or break your future.

Whilst you may like a particular picture of yourself from a party or big event in your life, does it really sell who you are in a professional setting? If you want to ensure you make a good first impression, it can make the world of difference when you invest in a headshot photographer.

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More people are choosing to invest in professional headshot photographers, but why?

Think of your headshot like your business card. This is the first time you get to make a statement, so it’s vital that you think about the type of message you want to send with your picture. A study carried out by CareerBuilder shows that 70% of employers are snooping candidate’s social media pictures, so this tells us that a lot rests in your headshot.

Another way to think about your headshot is that it can be compared to an extension of your brand and personality. This is the perfect opportunity to show them how professional you can be with your clothing and style, and it offers you a chance to control your branding message. If you want ideas on how to dress for your headshot, you can find a great read here

Perhaps most importantly, however, is that investing in professional headshots shows people that you are invested in yourself. Offering you a confidence boost, a professional headshot also sends a positive message to potential employers and clients that you take yourself and your industry seriously.

So, how can I help?

Whether you’re looking for formal business headshots or branding portraits, I am able to offer a flexible service that ensures you send the right message with your headshots. For pricing and booking, see my website for further information.